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British Railway - Marks 1s

Colour Codes
B/GBlue Grey
C/CChocolate & Cream
B+CBlood & Custard
U/CUmber Cream
MidMidland Railwey

The following symbols are to help with your modelling
O| |OBrake Cylinders near bogies Cyl A frame A frame cyl
|O O|Brake Cylinders inside from A bracket

Kitchen CarRKDiag.702(19) 42 Built
 No Seats Gas Cooking ETH 1
Lot 30585 1962/3Charles Roberts O| |O80028-80039
M80030DB4   Was Fulmar Now Unknown

Parcel And Brake Stock
Courier VanNNV/NNX 26 Conv
Converted From BSKETH 2
Lot 31027 1958Wolverton35 Ton  
 80219 VDB4B/G (35201) Glos. Warwicks. Railway
Lot 30753 1960Gloucester35 Ton  
 80220 VDB4B/G (35276) Mid Hants Railway

Post Office Sorting VanPOS/NSDiag.720/721#19 Built
Lot 30486 1959Wolverton36 Ton 80300-80305
E80301VDBR2  (35276) Great Central Railway
Lot 30663 1961Wolverton36 Ton 80318
E80318VDBR2  (35276) Colne Valley Railway

Full BrakeBG/*Diag.7111629 Built
57ftNo Seats ETH 1
Lot 30009 1952/3Derby31.5 Ton 80500-80529
M80509VSBR1Mar NAVLlangollen Railway
M80518VSBR1Grn NAVLlangollen Railway
Lot 30040 1954/5Wolverton32 Ton|O O|80567-80596
M80580VSBR1  NAVGlos. Warwicks. Railway
M80590VDBR1  NDVMidland Railway Centre
M80591VSBR1  NAVKeighley & Worth Valley Railway
Lot 30046 1954York31.5 Ton 80597-80671
 80654VDBR1  NDVDean Forest Railway
Lot 30136 1955Metro-Cammell31.5 Ton 80672-80724
W80702VSBR1B/GNAVBodmin & Wenford Railway
Lot 30140 1955/6BRCW31.5 Ton|O O|80725-80802
80736VSBR1C/CNVAWest Somerset Railway
('Lorna Doone' Brake Wheelchair Saloon)
W80741VSBR1Blue NAVLlangollen Railway
 80742VSBR1Mar NAVWest Somerset Railway
 80753VSBR1  NAVMid Hants Railway
E80776VSBR1B/G NAVSevern Valley Railway (Disabled Coach)
E80782VDBR1  NDVMidland Railway Centre
E80785VSBR1  NAVColne Valley Railway
E80792VSBR1  NAVColne Valley Railway
E80796VSBR1  NAVIan Storey Engineering
W80797VSBR1  NAVTintern Station Picnic Area
Lot 30144 1955Cravens31.5 Ton 80803-80854
 80830VSBR1WhiteYDR 28NAVYorkshire Dales Railway (Exhibition Van 99650)
Lot 30162 1956/7Pressed Steel32 ton 80855-80964
W80905VSBR1  NAVSouth Yorkshire RPS
Lot 30173 1956York31.5 Ton 80965-81014
-80926VDBR1B/G NDVGlos. Warwicks. Railway
-80972VDBR1C/C NDVWest Somerset Railway
E80993VBR1C/C N VEast Lancs Railway
 81013VSBR1Brown NAVSevern Valley Railway
Lot 30224 1956Cravens31.5 Ton 81015-81054
W81020VDBR1Mar NDVMidland Railway Centre
M81025VSBR1  NAVLakeside Railway
 81039VDBR1Grn NDVGlos. Warwicks. Railway
Lot 30228 1957/8Metro Cammell31.5 Ton 81055-81179
 84101VSBR1  NAVMid Hants Railway
S81107VDBR1Mar NDVLlangollen Railway
M81131VSBR1  NAVBo'ness & Kinneil Railway
M81144VDBR1Mar NDVMidland Railway Centre
Lot 30323 1957Pressed Steel32 Ton 81266-81312
M81295VSBR1Mar NAVEast Anglian Railway Museum
-92990ADB4B/G(81305)NEAGlos. Warwicks. Railway
Lot 30400 1957/58Pressed Steel32 TonO||O81313-81497
M81343VDBR1  NDVGreat Central Railway
Lot 30484 1958Pressed Steel32 Ton 81498-81527
E81507VDBR1  NDVColne Valley Railway
 92158ADB4 (81533)NEAPeak Railway
 81554VDBR1  NEVPeak Railway

General Utility VanGUV/NKVDiag.811907 Built
57ft No Seats30 Ton
Lot 30417 1958/9Pressed Steel  86078-86499
M86178VPBR1  NKVTyseley
W86183VPBR1  NKVPeak Railway
-93283VPBR1  NKVEast Lancs Railway
M94066VDBR1 (86350 NJV)NMVSouth Yorkshire RPS
E86383VPBR1  NKVSouth Yorkshire RPS
M86418VPBR1  NKVEast Lancs Railway
-93450VPBR1  NKVQuainton Railway Soc.
E93460VPBR1  NKVMid Hants Railway
M86470VPBR1  NKVSouth Yorkshire RPS
Lot 30402 1958-60York/Glasgow  86521-86654
M86545VPBR1  NKVNorth York Moors Railway
E86565VPBR1  NKVSouth Yorkshire RPS
W86580VPBR1  NKVMidland Railway Centre
 86622VPBR1  NKVLlangollen Railway
M86639VPBR1  NKVNorth York Moors Railway
E86654VPBR1 IU 016173NKVEast Lancs Railway
Lot 30565 1959Pressed Steel  86655-86834
W93690VPBR1  NKVMid Hants Railway
S94051VDBR1B(86708)NJVGlos. Warwicks. Railway
M94073VDBR1 (86802 NJV)NMVSouth Yorkshire RPS
M86813VPBR1  NKVNorth York Moors Railway
 86830VRBR1  NJVGreat Central Railway
 94052   (86709) Great Central Railway
Lot 30616 1959/60Pressed Steel  86835-86984
M86868VSBR1  NKVBluebell Railway
M86869VSBR1  NKVEast Lancs Railway
M93918VSBR1  NKVEast Lancs Railway
M86966VSBR1  NKVMidland Railway Centre
M86972VSBR1  NKVSouth Yorkshire RPS

Fish Van/Special Parcels VanSPV/NRVDiag.8001058 Built
4 Wheel 24ftNo Seats 11 Ton
Lot 30344 1960Faverdale/Darlington  87500-87692
E87582VP4W  NRVKeighley & Worth Valley Railway
Lot 30384 1960Faverdale  87693-87957
W87706VP4W  NRVKeighley & Worth Valley Railway
E87905VP4W  NRVNational Railway Museum
E87948VP4W  NRVKeighley & Worth Valley Railway

Covered Carriage TruckCCT/NPVDiag.816923 Built
4 WheelNo Seats 17 Ton
Lot 30549 1959-60Earlestown  94101-94300
S94125VP    Great Central Railway
M94257VP    Bodmin & Wenford Railway
M94264VP    East Lancs Railway
M94286VP    Great Central Railway
Lot 30562 1960Earlestown  94301-94454
 94338VP MarYDR 27 Yorkshire Dales Railway
M94429VP  ADB977135 Crewe Heritage Centre
M94434VP    Colne Valley Railway
W94444VP  DB977200 Great North. & East Lincs. Railway
Lot 30563 1960Earlestown  94455-94595
W94502VP  DB977072 West Somerset Railway
-94522VP  DB977072 Peak Railway
 94534VP  KDB977707 East Lancs Railway
M94536VP    Colne Valley Railway
 94556VP    South Devon Railway
W94578VP Mar  Quainton Railway Soc.
-94589VP  DB977072 Peak Railway
Lot 30564 1960/1Earlestown  94596-94692
E94597VP    Severn Valley Railway
E94600VP  DB977240 Great North. & East Lincs. Railway
E94606VP    Great Central Railway
E94607VP    Great Central Railway
-94630VP  DB977072 Peak Railway
E94677VP    Llangollen Railway
E94691VP    Llangollen Railway
Lot 30614 1960/1Earlestown  94698-94892
M94709VP    Great Central Railway
S94732VP    Bodmin & Wenford Railway
M94737VP    Colne Valley Railway
M94817VP    South Yorkshire RPS
94852VP    South Devon Railway
M94869VP  DB977222 North Elmham (GE Rly)
M94889VP    Colne Valley Railway
Lot 30651 1961Earlestown  94893-94922
M94917VP Mar  West Somerset Railway (Generator Van)

Horse BoxHBDiag.751115 Built
4 Wheel1 or 2 Stable Lads 2 - 4 Horses
Lot 30146 1958Earlestown  96300-96414
M96300VS  DB975056 Llangollen Railway (Now Gen Van)
E96327VS    Keighley & Worth Valley Rly (Boiler Van)
E96345VS    South Yorkshire RPS
E96347VS  DE321101 Colne Valley Railway (Steam Heat Van)
S96403VS    Quainton Railway Soc.

Bullion Van 
No lot Conv from BSK  99200-99204
W99202VDB4C/C  Glos. Warwicks. Railway

Exhibition Vans
Conv From BSK Lot 30095 1955Wolverton?? Ton
 99622VDMK4 EMU ex 34584 Llangollen Railway
Conv From SK Lot 30426 1957/8Wolverton34 Ton
 99636VDBR1 ex 25646 Glos. Warwicks. Railway