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British Railway - Marks 1s

Colour Codes
B/GBlue Grey
C/CChocolate & Cream
B+CBlood & Custard
U/CUmber Cream
MidMidland Railwey

The following symbols are to help with your modelling
O||OBrake Cylinders near bogies Cyl A frame A frame cyl
|OO|Brake Cylinders inside from A bracket

Corridor SecondSKDiag.146/147#2216 Built
 8 Comp 48S (64S #) 2L ETH 4
25xxx were renumbered in late 80's to 18xxx
26xxx were renumbered in late 80's to 19xxx
Lot 30002 1951 33.5 Ton 24000-24179
-24006VDBR1C/C  West Somerset Railway
 24127VDBR1   Swangage Railway(Wheelchair)
Lot 30007 1953BRCW  24332-24396
Sc24396VSBR1   Northumberland Pub Extension
Lot 30030 1953Derby33.5 Ton 24397-24436
-24406VDBR1C/C  West Somerset Railway
-24421VDBR1C/C  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
M24434VDBR1   Sidings Hotel
Lot 30088 1954Swindon33 Ton 24447-24448
E24458VSBR1   South Devon Railway
Lot 30057 1953BRCW34 Ton 24576-24675
W24576VSBR1 TDB977189 Northampton Steam Railway
Lot 30058 1953Cravens34 Ton 24676-24700
W24676VDBR1   Sidings Hotel
Lot 30078 1954Swindon33 Ton|O O|24754-24795
-24778VSBR1C/C  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
Lot 30137 1955BRCW34 Ton 24796-24818
E24804VDBR1B+C  North York Moors Railway
E24808VDBR1   North York Moors Railway
Lot 30153 1955/6 33 Ton 24819-24944
W24825VDBR1   Gwili Railway
M24828VDBR1Mar  East Lancs Railway ????
S24839VDBR1Grn  Severn Valley Railway
E24843VDBR1   Gwili Railway
S24845VDBR1Grn  Severn Valley Railway
E24918VSBR1B/G  Unknown(Ex Dean Forest Railway)
Lot 30154 1956Derby33 Ton 24945-24974
W24949VSBR1C/C  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
E24959VSBR1Mar  East Anglian Railway Museum
Lot 30208 1956Derby33 Ton 24975-25044
-24975VSBR1C/C  West Somerset Railway
E24977VSBR1   Sidings Hotel
E24982VSBR1   North York Moors Railway
 24984VSBR1B/G  North York Moors Railway
-24985VSBR1C/C  West Somerset Railway
 24993VSBR1Mar  Quainton Railway Soc.
E24997VSBR1Mar  North Norfolk Railway
W25020VSBR1C/C  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
 25032VSBR1   South Devon Railway
E25040VSBR1Mar  Avon Valley Railway
Lot 30155 1955/6Wolverton34 Ton # 25045-25164
E25142VSBR1   North York Moors Railway
E25158VSBR1   Royal Scotsman
Lot 30230 1957Metro-Cammell33 Ton #|O O|25165-25247
E25189VSBR1   Shackerstone Railway
M25231VSBR1   Stratford & Broadway Railway
Lot 30231 1957/8Metro-Cammell33 Ton 25248-25279
Sc25252VDBR1   Strathspey Railway
M25258VDBR1   Llangollen Railway
Lot 30349 1957Wolverton34 TonSingle Bolster Bogies O| |O25283-25402
E25299VSSBMar  Avon Valley Railway
-25308VSSBC/C  West Somerset Railway
-25312VSSB   Great Central Railway
-25323VSSBC/C  West Somerset Railway
M25337VSSB   Lakeside & Hatherthwaite Railway
W25341VSSBC/C  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
M25346VSSBB+C  Severn Valley Railway
E25347VSSB   Mid Hants Railway
-25355VSSBC/C  Bodmin & Wenford Railway
E25362VSSB   South Yorks RPS
W25366VSSB   Great Central Railway
M25385VSSBB+C  East Lancs Railway
Lot 30350 1957Wolverton34 Ton 25403-25454
E25417VDBR1B/C  Llangollen Railway
E25421VDBR1C/C  Llangollen Railway
-25444VSBR1Mar  Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway
M25446VSBR1 63 Kent & East Sussex Railway
W25451VSBR1C/C  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
-25454VSBR1C/C  West Somerset Railway (Mainline model)
Lot 30374 1958York33 Ton 25458-25507
E25472VSBR1MarYDR 5 Yorkshire Dales Railway
 25488VSBR1B+C  North York Moors Railway
M25498VSBR1B+C  Severn Valley Railway
-25500VSBR1C/C  Quainton Railway Soc.
 25501VSBR1   Glos. Warwicks. Railway
Lot 30426 1957/8Wolverton34 Ton (32 B4) O| |O25558-25703
M18560VDBR1B/G  Bodmin & Wenford Railway *
M18572VDBR1B/G  Bodmin & Wenford Railway *
S25594VDBR1Grn  Severn Valley Railway
W25618VDB4Mar  Glos. Warwicks. Railway(Santa)
W25631VDBR1B/G  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
E25639XSBR1B+C  Nene Valley Railway
S25686VDBR1Grn  Severn Valley Railway
-25693VSBR1C/C  South Devon Railway
E25697VSBR1   Colne Valley Railway
E25700VSBR1   North York Moors Railway
Lot 30685 1961/2Derby36 TonO| |O25704-25905
 25711VDC   Great Central Railway
 25728VDCMar  Bluebell Railway
 25729VDCMar  Carnforth(WDS99314)
E25735VDC TDB977653 Long Marston (for Bitton Railway)
W25743VDCMar  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
M25756VDCPilk Grn  Carnforth(TRTS99722)
M25767VDCPilk Grn  Carnforth(TRTS99710)
 25769VDCGrn  Bluebell Railway
M25776VDC   Bluebell Railway(Ex TCL99166)
W25778VDC   Sold From Bluebell Rly(Ex TCL99168)
(New Century Saloon)
M25795VDC   Sold From Bluebell Railway(TCL99162)
M25806VDCPilk Grn  Carnforth(TRTS99721)
M25807VDCMarTDB977420 Llangollen Railway
M25808VDCPilk Grn  Carnforth(TRTS99716)
M25828VDBR1B+G  East Lancs Railway
M25837VDC   Spa Valley Railway ??(Ex TRTS99717)
M25843VDC   Spa Valley Railway
M25845VDC   Spa Valley Railway
M25853VDC  (Dorm)Bluebell Railway(Ex TCL99164)
M25856VDC   Sold From Bluebell Railway(TCL99160)
M25857VDC   Spa Valley Railway(Ex TRTS99711)
M25862VDCPilk Grn  Carnforth(TRTS99718)
M25871VDC   Bluebell Railway (Shop)(Ex TCL99161)
M25893VDCPilk Grn  Carnforth(TRTS99712)
Lot 30686 1962Derby34.5 Ton #O||O25906-25972
S25917VDBR1   East Somerset Railway
 25955VDCMar  Carnforth(WDS99315)
 25972VDCMar  LOng Marston (for Bitton Railway)
Lot 30719 1962Derby37 Ton 25973-26059
M25994VDC   Sold From Bluebell Railway(TCL99163)
M26013VDCPilk Grn  Carnforth(TRTS99713)
M26014VDC   Peak Railway
E26025VSC   Peak Railway
E26043VSCMar  Peak Railway
E26049VSCB/G  Peak Railway
Lot 30726 1962/3Derby36 Ton 26138-26217
E26157VSCMar  Peak Railway
E26169VSCCal  Queen Of Scots (NVR)(RHE99882)
E26193XSBR1   Nene Valley Railway
E26208VSCCal  Bluebell Railway (On Loan)(RHE99884)