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British Railway - Marks 1s

Colour Codes
B/GBlue Grey
C/CChocolate & Cream
B+CBlood & Custard
U/CUmber Cream
MidMidland Railwey

The following symbols are to help with your modelling
O||OBrake Cylinders near bogies Cyl A frame A frame cyl
|OO|Brake Cylinders inside from A bracket

Sleeper FirstSLFDiag.1133 Built
 11 Comp 11F 1L ETH 3(* 3X)
Lot 30490 1959Metro-Cammell40 Ton 2064- 2104
 2080VD(B5)   Peak Railway
Lot 30590 1960Metro-Cammell40.5 Ton 2107- 2120

E2108VDC   Bluebell Railway(Ex RHE99883)
M2109VD(C)   Fulmar
M2110VDC   Bluebell Railway(Ex RHE99885)
Lot 30650 1961Wolverton41 Ton 2121- 2125
E2123VSBR1B/G  Llangollen Railway
Lot 30687 1961Wolverton41 Ton 2126- 2130
E2127VD*C   Royal Scotsman (Millerhill)(GSWR99887)
Lot 30722 1962Wolverton41 Ton 2131- 2132
M2131VD(C)   Carnforth
M2132VD(C)Mar  Llangollen Railway

Sleeper CompositeSLCDiag.555 Built
 5 F Comp 6 S Comp 5F 12S 1L ETH 3
Lot 30688 1961Wolverton42 Ton 2439- 2442
M2442XD(C)   Bluebell Railway(Ex RHE99888)

Sleeper SecondSLSTPDiag.10192 Built
 11 S Comp 22S 1L ETH 3 (* 3X)
Lot 30160 1957York/Doncaster40 Ton 2522- 2526
M2523XD(B5)   Fulmar
Lot 30379 1957/8York/Doncaster41 Ton 2537- 2573
M2538XD(B5)   Fulmar
E2562VS    Swanage Railway
E2573VSB5Mar YDR 19Yorkshire Dales Railway
Lot 30491 1959Metro-Cammell41 Ton 2574- 2578
E2574VD*BR1Mar  Llangollen Railway
Lot 30529 1959/60Wolverton41 Ton 2579- 2606
E2586VD*BR1   East Lancs Railway
E2592VD*(C)   Banbury rifle club
E2599VD*(C)   Avon Valley Railway

Sleeper Either ClassSLEPDiag.1033 Conv
Conv. from SLSTP in 197111 Comp 0-11F 0-22S 1L ETH 3 Each Comp 1F or 2S
Lot 30245 1957Wolverton39 Ton (2527-2536)
M2815VD(B5)  (M2536)Welshpool & Llanfair Railway
Lot 30586 1960Wolverton42 Ton (2607-2658)
Sc2821VD(C)  (M2612)Bo'ness & Kinneil
Sc2822VD(C)  (M2613)Bo'ness & Kinneil
M2908     Carnforth
M2909     Carnforth