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British Railway - Mark 2Cs

Pressure Ventilated, can be modeled by converting Lima models

Toilet windows on earlier coaches similar to 2B, later like 2D.
2B style2D style
TSO<- 55615562->
BSO<- 94??94??->

Tourist Open SecondTSOMark 2C 118 Built
Pressure Ventilated8 Bay 62S 2L ETH 4
Lot 30795 1969/70Derby32 Ton 5498- 5615
M 5533ADB4   Carnforth(RRT99021)
 5569ADB4   Rail UK (Carnforth)
M 5574ADB4   Carnforth(RRT99022)
M 5585ADB4   Carnforth(RRT99023)
M 5590ADB4Grey  East Lancs Railway
M 5595ADB4   Carnforth(RRT99024)
M 5600ADB4Mar   Carnforth(WDS99322)

Open SecondSOMark 2C 16 Conv
Pressure Ventilated7 Bay 42S 2L ETH 4
Lot 30810 1970Derby33 Ton numbers
 6400ADB4   North York Moors Rly (For Sale)

Tourist Open Second (Micro Buffet)TSOTMark 2C 30 Conv
Pressure Ventilated7 Bay 54S 1L (1 Bay Buffet) ETH 4
Lot 30795 1969/70Derby 32 Ton numbers
 6523ADB4   Rail UK (Carnforth)

Brake Open SecondBSOMark 2C 40 Built
 4 Bay 31S 1L ETH 4
Lot 30798 1966Derby32 Ton 9439- 9448
 9440ADB4   Rail UK (Carnforth)
 9448ADB4   Rail UK (Carnforth)

Corridor FirstFKMark 2C 48 Built
 7 Comp 42F 2L ETH 4
Lot 30797 1969-70Derby33.5 Ton 13514-13561
 13514ADB4   Mid Hants Railway
 13540ADB4   Mid Hants Railway