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British Railway - Marks 1s Suburban

Colour Codes
B/GBlue Grey
C/CChocolate & Cream
B+CBlood & Custard
U/CUmber Cream
MidMidland Railwey

The following symbols are to help with your modelling
O||OBrake Cylinders near bogies Cyl A frame A frame cyl
|OO|Brake Cylinders inside from A bracket

Lavatory CompositeCLDiag.31350 Built
57ft3F Comp 4S Bay 19F 42S 2L
Lot 30094 1955Doncaster  43000-43049
E43003VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
E43010VSBR1   Near Newcastle
E43012VSBR1   Mid Hants Railway
E43024VSBR1Mar  Strathspey Railway (for sale)
E43034VSBR1Mar  North Norfolk Railway
E43041VSBR1Mar  North Norfolk Railway
E43043VSBR1Mar  Great Central Railway
E43045VSBR1Mar  North York Moors Railway
E43046VSBR1Mar  National Railway Museum
Brake secondBSDiag.371368 Built
57ft6 Comp 72S 0L
Lot 30045 1955York  43100-43161
E43128VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
E43145VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
E43146VSBR1C/C  Swindon & Cricklade
E43147VSBR1Mar  South Devon Railway
E43152VSBR1Mar  Nene Valley Railway
E43157VSBR1Mar  East Anglian Railway Museum
E43161VSBR1Mar  Mid Hants Railway
Lot 30093 1954Doncaster  43171-43259
E43172VSBR1   Near Newcastle
E43186VSBR1Mar  Llangollen Railway
E43190VSBR1Mar  Quainton Railway Soc.
Lot 30087 1955York  43267-43359
E43275VSBR1Mar  North Staffs Railway
E43289VSBR1Mar  East Somerset Railway
E43300VSBR1Mar  North staffs Railway
E43345VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
E43349VSBR1Mar  Strathspey Railway (for sale)
E43357VSBR1Mar  North Norfolk Railway
E43359VSBR1Mar  North Norfolk Railway

Brake secondBSDiag.37223 Built
57ft7 Comp 84S 0L
Lot 30047 1955York  43162-43170 43260-43266
S43264VSBR1Grn  East Somerset Railway

SecondSDiag.326300 Built
57ft9 Comp 108S 0L
Lot 30051 1955Derby  46043-46108
E46069VSBR1Mar  Mid Hants Railway
E46097VSBR1Mar  Midland Railway Centre (Wreck)
Lot 30038 1954Wolverton  46109-46198
E46116VSBR1Mar  Glos. Warwicks. Railway
E46130VSBR1Mar  Llangollen Railway
 46137VSBR1   Swansea Vale Railway
E46139VSBR1Mar  Churnet Valley Railway Cheddleton
E46141VSBR1Mar  Cholsey & Wallingford
E46145VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway *
* Chassis for L & Y Club Car
E46147VSBR1Mar  North Norfolk Railway
E46157VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
E46192VSBR1Mar  Brechin Railway
Lot 30098 1955Derby  46199-46259
E46218VSBR1Mar  Strathspey Railway (Chassis Only)

 Restaurant (Unknown) (Body Only)
E46235VSBR1   Yorkshire Dales Railway
Chassis only - Rail carrier

Lavatory Open SecondSLODiag.33028 Built
64ft8 Bay 80S 2L
Lot 30092 1955Derby  48000-48027
E48001VSBR1Mar  Churnet Valley Railway Cheddleton
E48004VSBR1Mar  Llangollen Railway
-48006VSBR1C/C  Torbay & Dartmouth Railway (Gangwayed)
-48008VSBR1C/C  Torbay & Dartmouth Railway (Gangwayed)
-48009VSBR1C/C  Torbay & Dartmouth Railway (Gangwayed)
E48011VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
E48015VSBR1   Near Newcastle
E48018VSBR1Mar  Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
E48026VSBR1Mar  North Norfolk Railway