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British Railway - Mark 2Fs

Open FirstFOMark 2F164 Built
Air Conditioned7 Bay 42F 2L ETH 5
Lot 30859 1973-4Derby33 Ton 3322- 3428
1215AEB4B/Gwas 3377 Great Central Railway (Nottingham)
Mk2 RFB 1215. Built as FO (First Open) 3377 later converted to RFB (Restaurant First Buffet)BR Blue/Grey Livery.

Tourist Open SecondTSOMark 2F277 Built
Air Conditioned8 Bay 64S 2L ETH 5X
Lot 30860 1973-4Derby33 Ton 
6083AEB4xGatwick Express 72606Great Central Railway (Nottingham)
6084AEB4xGatwick Express 72611Great Central Railway (Nottingham)
Part of Gatwick Express Rake 488304