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Round and About Volume 4

Just over 58 minutes of railway action.

From the mid 80s to mid 90s I did a lot of video filming of railways. Almost all of the material is in good condition and has transfered to PC at a good quality.

I used a Sony HVC4000P video camera, a Sony SL-F1UB portable video recorder, an external microphone, and some tripoding.

All editing on these DVDs was carried out on a PC from the original material captured to PC.

Chapter 1 is a visit to Crewe, we see a 304 EMU, a few 150 DMUs, a few 90s, an 85 a 47368, 20010 & 20175, 37430, the APTP from a distance, 37426, 08746, 87020, 31135.

Chapter 2 is a quick look the the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway with some material which was missed from Volume 6 so it is placed here, it is of the 15" Hunslet 2409 King George

Chapter 3 is a ride on the Talyllyn Railway behind No2 Dolgoch Easter 1990.

Chapter 4 is a ride on the Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog) behind the last surviving WHR locomotive Russell

Chapter 5 is of Castle 5080 Defiant on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in 1990, lots of lineside shot.

Chapter 6 is a ride on the Bodmin railway in 1991 with a small loco working hard and a quick look at Laira depot and the Class 50 scrap lines.

Chapter 7 is watching trains at Gloucester Horton Road before an opne day, we see a Deltic, Hymek, Clayton, Classes 31, 50, 56, and an HST

Chapter 8 is a ride on the Torbay & Dartmouth Railway Easter 1992, lots of hard working Prairie tank action with 4555. We also see Gus Honeybun at Paignton Station

Chapter 9 is at the Torbay & Dartmouth Railway 22-24th August 1993, we see 60103 Flying Scotsman and 4920 Dumbleton Hall, at Goodrington Sands and Kingswear.

The DVD was edited on the PC, encoded with TMPGENC XP with 2 pass variable bit rate, and duplicated with Ritek G05 media, all discs are printed.

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