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Round and About Volume 3

From the mid 80s to mid 90s I did a lot of video filming of railways. Almost all of the material is in good condition and has transfered to PC at a good quality.

I used a Sony HVC4000P video camera, a Sony SL-F1UB portable video recorder, an external microphone, and some tripoding.

All editing on these DVDs was carried out on a PC from the original material captured to PC.

Chapter 1 is a visit to the May 1988 Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala, we see 20170,

31413 Severn Valley Railway,

37427 Bont Y Bermo,

D1013 Western Ranger, 55015 Tulyar, 59001 Yeoman Endeavour, 2857 & 7819 Hinton Manor

There are nice lineside from station shots of most of the locomotives, and also a very smokey 37 pulling away at Bewdley

Chapter 2 is a short chapter with some footage of Wessex Express EMUs around Weymouth, they are from two seperate visits.

Chapter 3 is a short look at 1989 Gloucester Rail Day, we see a couple of Deltics, a Western, a Class 59, a recovery equipment lorry, and a Railfreight hot air balloon.

Chapter 4 is a visit to the North Norfolk Railway at Easter 1989, we see a 4 wheel railbus, ride behind GER J15 564, a brief glimps of B12 8572 in pieces, we also see the Quad Art set in a siding, there are shots of the superbly restored Gresley buffet car.

Chapter 5 is of D9537 on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, this is a clip of which parts are on GWR The Early Years, but here it is better edited.

Chapter 6 is of floods in Worcester 1990, by the railway viaduct and bridge. We see a 116 DMU, a Sprinter, and a 121 Railcar, between these a canoeist on the Severn

Chapter 7 is Severn Valley Railway May 1990 Diesel Gala, with Class 24 D5054, Class 27 D5410, Western D1013 Western Ranger, Deltic D9016 Gordon Highlanders, a Class 108 DMU, GWR Railcar 22, LNER 3442, BR 75069, with some lovely lineside shots of D9016, 75069

, and D5054

Chapter 8 is Gloucester Rail Day 01 July 1990, we see 58002, 37100, 37074, 56034, 20084 and 20170 operating trains,

a shuttle train composed of 6024 King Edward I, a GWR 150 BSK, GWR150 DMU B430 and 08795.

In Horton Road yard we see 47569 Gloucester Regiment, D9000, D9016, D1013, D7672, 60064, Parcels DMU, a Peak, 37220 Westerleigh, also seen are a few clean wagons and a number of 37s, I also videoed from the cab of a 50 I was babysitting while the driver in charge (a friend) sent for some food. The driver is featured on Vol 2 riding in the cab of Great Gable with me!

Chapter 9 is a ride on the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway on the footplate of Bagnall 0-4-0PT Brookfield.

Finally Chapter 10 is some left over material from my GWR DVDs, Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway 1990, this is of the 15" Hunslet 2409 King George.

The DVD was edited on the PC, encoded with TMPGENC XP with 2 pass variable bit rate, and duplicated with Ritek G05 media, all discs are printed.

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