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Round and About Volume 2

From the mid 80s to mid 90s I did a lot of video filming of railways. Almost all of the material is in good condition and has transfered to PC at a good quality.

I used a Sony HVC4000P video camera, a Sony SL-F1UB portable video recorder, an external microphone, and some tripoding.

All editing on these DVDs was carried out on a PC from the original material captured to PC.

Severn Valley Railway, Cheltenham & Gloucester, 1987 & 1988

This DVD is around 1 1/4 hours long and is in 6 parts

Chapter 1 Cheltenham Station Thursday 19/03/1987 Gold Cup Horse Racing specials

Class 117 DMU B430 in Chocolate/Cream, a Class 150 DMU, various HSTs, 47485, 47552, 37690, 47501, 47628 Sir Daniel Gooch, 50031 Hood, 47609 Fire Fly, another 117 DMU, and two class 33s double heading the VSOE Pullmans, unfortunately I cannot find which ones they were, as I do not have the notes any longer.

Chapter 2 Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala Sunday 10/05/1987. We travel behind 37426 Vale of Rheidol, 55015 Tulyar, D4 Great Gable, D1013 Western Ranger, and 20090.

We see D1062 Western Courier, a 150 DMU, and LMS 5000.

Due to missing last train there is a cab ride in D4

Chapter 3 7029 Clun Castle at Gloucester Station 1987

Chapter 4 Filming from the new road over the loop in Gloucester, overlooking the end of the station and Horton Road depot.

We see Class 108 DMUs B964 W53614 W54204& B973 W53629 W54269, Class 150 DMU 150101, 08410, 43137 & 50050 Fearless

Chapter 5 Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala Autumn 1988, Riding with Deltic D9019 Royal Highland Fusilier, return with SDJR 7F 53809. Locos seen are D9000 Royal Scots Grey, NS 77 1502 (27000) Electra, 27057, 2857, D335 D4 Great Gable, D1062 Western Courier

Chapter 6 LMS Pacific 6201 Princess Elizabeth at Gloucester. Swapping over to 47471 Norman Tunna GC

There is a small extra of reversed footage on D4

The DVD was edited on the PC, encoded with TMPGENC XP with 2 pass variable bit rate, and duplicated with Ritek G05 media, all discs are printed.

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