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Round and About Volume 1

From the mid 80s to mid 90s I did a lot of video filming of railways. Almost all of the material is in good condition and has transfered to PC at a good quality.

I used a Sony HVC4000P video camera, a Sony SL-F1UB portable video recorder, an external microphone, and some tripoding.

All editing on these DVDs was carried out on a PC from the original material captured to PC.

This DVD is of late 1985 and 1986, it is around Gloucester and some of my trips, it is about 1 1/4 hours long.

Part 1 is one of the last GWR 150 railtours with 5051 Drysllwyn Castle and 6998 Burton Agnes Hall, pulling the SLOA set, 50027 Lion is seen as well, a few DMUs are also seen. Within the same chapter Gloucester Horton Road crossing is the location and we see some 116 and 117 DMUs, also 47011 & 50045

Part 2 is at Gloucester Station and we see 117 DMU B435

and Inter City liveried HSTs 253 032 & 253 042.

Part 3 is also at Gloucester Horton Road, and we see 47567 Red Star, 45013, ZOV DB777356 Van, ZUV DB993717 Shark, and 08949. We also see DMU BRCW Class 118 B469 W51311 W59490 W51326 and Metro. Cammell Class 101 B822 W51495 W59096 W51510.

Part 4 is a visit to the Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala, and we see 3 Press Steel 117 DMUs B433, L400, L416. 50020 Revenge, 47609 Fire Fly, 37306 and 37177

On the SVR we see LMS Jubilee 5593 Kolhapur

, GWR 6960 Ravingham Hall before it went the GWR, 7819 Hinton Manor, 4930 Hagley Hall, 2857, LMS 3F 47383, and Black 5 5000. We also see D1062 Western Courier and double headed Ivatt Moguls

We also see the preserved coaches including the GWR set with 80969, 9653, 9654, 9615, 9631, 7284, & 1116

LMS 47383 is pulling the a freight train with GWR Mink A 93016, Mica B 105873, Mogo, 5 Plank, Gun Powder Van, Open As 13154 & 98480, Esso Tank 2686, Cadbury Van, Loco Coal 83831 and Toad 98501

Part 5 is of Gresley A4 pacifics 4468 Mallard & 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley at Straford-upon-Avon Station late in 1986 - but not the October service.

We also see 47290 and 47316.

The DVD was edited on the PC, encoded with TMPGENC XP with 2 pass variable bit rate, and duplicated with Ritek G05 media, all discs are printed.

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