Key Fob repairs for Citroen

I repair key fobs of various types , I can replace switches and refit battery holders.


I have repaired various Citroen fobs for Picasso, C3, Saxo, Xsara, and others, please see the pictures as to the types as the fobs and cars do not align as you would expect.

I use BRAND NEW switches, leaded solder, I can also supply and fit cases and buttons, I have listed my fees below, this includes first class recorded delivery back to you.

Citroen switch replacement, any of them. 12
Citroen of this shape with new rubber buttons on existing case. Other designs require new cases.

Citroen repair of this shape with new decent case, this is the cheapest decent case I have found.

Citroen repair with new decent case of this type - uses your existing blade as per picture.

Various flip designs for repair, aftermarket cases in general are not very nice.



You can contact me at and I will send you the address to post the fobs to, please remove the key and immobiliser chip and just send the fob on its own, please use recorded delivery for tracking reasons. I accept cheques made out to me, cash or Paypal made out to , please note bitmaps used to prevent harvesting.

It is quite possible that the fob will not work when you receive it back, you will need to resync the fob to the car.

C3 Resync - thanks to Citroen Owners Club forum

To reprogram the key fobs to the Citroen C3 BSI (or ECU) follow this procedure:

Gather all the keys to the car and remove any loops or rings from the keys.
Sit in the drivers seat with all the keys and all the doors shut, radio off, no lights, everything OFF
Insert a key into the ignition
Turn ON the ignition
Press and hold the LOCK button on the key for TEN seconds
Turn off the ignition and remove the key
Insert the next key and repeat the procedure
WAIT 1 minute, do NOT switch anything on.

When the 1 minute is up, open the drivers door, exit the vehicle, close the door

Test the keys each lock and unlock the doors.